Thursday, November 20, 2008

Warm Wednesday 11-19-2008

Warm Wednesday 11-19-2008
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Here's my humpday outfit. I had a busy, busy day of waiting on hold with tech support and fiddling with my computer. I also went to the National Philanthropy Day luncheon with my favorite non-profit group. It really was great to be in a room full of people doing good for others.

I love these pants. They are grey and turquoise tweed from BCBG. The cami is from JCPenney, and the cardigan is from Casual Corner.

My jewelry was bought while on vacation in New Orleans. I am not sure if the boutique survived Hurricane Katrina or not. I sure hope so. The artist used Swaroski crystals strung on turquoise metal wires. I should take a close up for all the great detail. This jewelry is special to me because I bought it while I was pregnant, and just a couple of months before New Orleans was hit by Katrina. Lots of memories for me in this necklace!


Bar-b said...

That color is all yours girl!!!!!!! turquoise (sp?) is your shade for sure!

PS...wasn't Nov. the month that I would be graced with DAILY posts? Just sayin'

~Corey said...

I didn't sign up for NoBloPoMo (or whatever it is). I am not THAT crazy!

I do need to do better. I have a story about Grady, the Ayatollah Khomeini, and pirates that I need to write up and share. Because I know that the internets cannot WAIT for that.

secondhandshopper said...

Yes, turquoise is def a good colour for your colouring.

I have so many half-written stories I need to get onto... there are just so many other things I have to be doing with my time!

~Corey said...

Thanks for the compliments! You guys make my day.

Bar-b said...

YOu my dear have been given the letter.........F. GO to it. Have a good time.

Post. More. Often.

fdiary said...

I'm like that you got that pop of teal in there. Classic and smart!