Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm down with NoImYoSeMo!

In case you didn't know, many bloggers participate in NoBloPoMo which is basically to post to your blog every day in November. (I think.) That seems like WAY too much pressure for me being the noob that I am. Thankfully, Slynnro has come up with an alternative for NoBloPoMo. She is suggesting NoImYoSeMo which stands for November Improve Yourself Month. I have been thinking about all the things that have been getting away from me and wanting to do better. Well, now I have a little motivation to give it a go.

I started today by taking my car in to get the oil changed and the tires rotated. I ran errands and then came home and made lunch. This afternoon, I started cleaning out my coupon pile and made a grocery list and meal plan for the week. I have a stack of coupon inserts that is literally a foot tall on top of my dresser. It is not cute with my decor people! I need to get rid of all of these coupons that are expired and just taking up space.

Here are some of my other goals for the month:

Clear the clutter from the kitchen, dining room, and bedroom.
Clean out my closet (Barbie or Nancy, want to come help? ;) )
Organize my bathroom and throw out old stuff I don't use.
Pack up G's clothes that are too small.
Clean out my car.

There are other things that I'm sure I'll add to the list, but this is what I've got on the brain at the moment.


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

Is my plane ticket in the mail. ;) That's a good list Corey. Just don't take hours or you'll feel frustrated. Take 15-30 minutes for the closet each day if you want. Just envision your closet in sections and start there. Good luck!

Bar-b said...

go go gadget Arkansas...that's me wishing to go and help you.

two things, i am happy that something is forcing you to write...yippie....numero dos.....follow me! biotch ;)

rainbows and butterflies