Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh HI!

I wanted to start a new blog since I didn't keep up with this one very well, but what do you know, the URL I wanted was already taken. I decided that I could just jump back in right here and call it good.

I'll have to re-learn all about posting and what-not, so please be patient.

I have 2 stories I need to share quickly...

1) I think I should shave my head. I just let the dog out to do her business and when she was finished pooping, there were some "hanger-ons" clinging desperately to what was clearly a long blonde hair. Since I live with 3 short haired boys, clearly, the hair was mine. As I was contemplating my fate of how to deal with this situation (while covering my nose, OMG What has this dog been eating?), she finally pooped some more and all was right with the world. Except now I think I should shave my head in order to have this terrifying event happen again. Or, maybe I'll just put my husband in charge of the dog.

2) Thursday is trash day. Every week. EXCEPT for weeks with a holiday (like Memorial Day). Hubs put out the trash today like the good guy that he is, but when I got home, I saw that it had not been picked up and realized it was because of Memorial Day. Because we have a baby (I guess) it seems like the neighborhood dogs fancy our trash over all the neighbors, so I had a nice mess to clean up. It seems someone wanted to help me with my mess and put some of the trash ON TOP OF MY MAILBOX! What?!? Who does that? I have a picture for proof, but you'll have to wait for me to figure out how to post it.

My boys are driving up and it is time for our super healthy Chick-Fil-A dinner.