Thursday, November 13, 2008

11-1-07 repeated 11-13-08

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I wore this same outfit today. I wore different shoes and jewelry, but I forgot to take a picture. I probably looked better in the old picture anyway because due to a horrible pain in my shoulder, I had dirty ponytail hair since I couldn't raise my hand up high enough to deal with my hair.

I did go this afternoon for a massage, so that helped the pain in the back some.

I was out late last night, so I'm looking forward to an early bedtime tonight. Well, 11 is late when you have a 3 year old who gets up before the chickens!


~Corey said...

The grammar in this post is horrible, but I am too tired to fix it. Sue me.

Bar-b said...

lol. a comment about your own post....

you look good (as usual) and damn that hour change.....pre-chicken wake up over here too.

Anonymous said...

Funky jacket! It's very 60s inspired. Cool, you can rock that with alot of different things!