Monday, November 10, 2008

Brown Cow?

Goofy Monday 11/10/08 The first time I wore this sweater, I asked my husband if he liked it, and he said I looked like a brown cow. He didn't mean it to be as bad as it sounded. He was playing with our son at the time and the toy they were playing with repeated "brown cow" over and over. I'm positive he said it before thinking.

I'm not loving this outfit, but it was OK for a rainy, busy Monday mostly spent at my desk catching up on a week's worth of email. These pants aren't the best, but I'm currently in my "fat" pants. Sigh.

I do LOVE my green coat. I got it last year after Christmas at Banana Republic.
Rainy Monday


Bar-b said...

LOVE your green coat sexpot...LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

The green coat is very nice. I seen something similar at Macy's I believe. I love that style and the button positioning. That's a keeper!

Anonymous said...

Yup, LOVE that coat. What a fabulous shade of green!