Sunday, October 5, 2008

Two Not so Pretty Pictures

I'll just lump these two together to get the ugly all out at once. 
The first is from Friday, 9/25/08.
9-26-08 $2 scarf!
I was all fired up to wear my new scarf. A score from Old Navy for $1.99! I got the top at Ann Taylor for $9 and the jeans I bought over 3 years ago when I was pregnant with my son. I've never worn them, but they were on sale when I bought them. I gained a bit of weight when I was sick because of the steroid packs so many of my pants are a bit too tight. :( The shoes are George.

My pendant is lapis. My mother brought it to me as a gift from her trip to Peru. It is beautiful, and I should try to wear it more often. I have bought several blue tops this fall, so I think this pendant will get a lot of wear this winter.

The only picture I took last week was from 10/2/08. I was totally stressed out all week and this picture shows it. ICK!
10-2-08 Stressed to the max
The sweater is so old. I bought it in college! It is from Express, and I think it is time to replace it. It didn't really give me the look I wanted. The top is from Banana Republic, and the pants are from Ann Taylor Loft. The shoes are the best part of the outfit and are Hype brand.

I hear hubs coming for his computer, so I'd better sign off.
I'm just about to finalize an order for a new laptop! 

Could you let me know whether you prefer the large photos or the smaller ones. I promise to pick a size and stick with it. I just wanted to play around a bit to see which was better.


THE D said...

I have some lapis and I LOVE it! Such a pretty stone.

Lookin' good!

psssst- go read Nancy's tutorial on how to enable comments from non-bloggers!

Bar-b said...

yeah...what the d said ;)

Bar-b said...

oh, you and your blog owner approval......paranoid.........

Anonymous said...

Cute!! Lovin the blue top and the scarf as a belt and the fact that you didn't spend alot of money is the plus to it all! Great outfit!