Sunday, October 5, 2008

Casual Wednesday (9/24/08)

I think this is the best photo I've taken for this little project! 
I was traveling half the day today to get to a meeting on Thursday, so I decided I could wear jeans to work on a Wednesday.  I just love that my boss is so easy on me!  For those of you who may not know me, I am my own boss and own my own insurance agency. 

Anyway, the outfit...I was concerned I might look like a Christmas package since I was wearing the red jacket (Sele from Dillard's) with a green tank (AT Loft), but I got lots of complements throughout the day. I think the splash of yellow on my Naughty Monkey shoes and my Big Buddha bag helped keep me from looking like an early Christmas. The jeans are from Banana Republic. I absolutely adore them because they are the trouser cut that looks a bit more polished than just a regular old pair of jeans.

I was so proud of myself because this tank top had a self belt that was really located in a weird location. It was too low for an empire waist and too high for my natural waist. Strange. So, I just took it off and tied it around my head! Voila! Instant headband. My mom wanted to know where I got a headband that matched my shirt exactly. I must admit, I got the idea from Kasmira's blog. 

For my meeting on Thursday, I wore the most awesome pink suit but was too chicken to get anyone to take my picture. Don't fret, I have a picture from last year. I call this my Elle Woods suit. I love it, but I was way too hot. This is a wool suit!

10-30-07 Elle Woods or Jackie Kennedy?
The suit is Etcetera brand and the shoes are BCBG Girls.

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Anonymous said...

The non-christmassy outfit is killer on you - brilliant proportions. But I LOVE the suit. It's so unusual!