Sunday, October 5, 2008

Not a Maternity Dress! (9/24/08)

9-23-08 Not a maternity dress Wow that is big and blurry!  We do rush to take these photos because my office is located on a busy street.  People yell at us and honk their horns.  We feel like real idiots out there.  My assistant threatens to start a blog about all my little crazy things.  Too bad I've already beaten her too it. 

Anyway, she told me that she thought my new dress looked like a maternity dress! I was appalled. I thought it was cute. I got it at Ann Taylor Loft on sale + a 20% off coupon from my InStyle magazine. I love the colors! The bag is Big Buddha and the shoes are some crazy brand called Summer Rio. The reason I say the brand is crazy is because of the sizing. I usually wear a 9, but these shoes are size 7.5! My earrings were handmade by my awesome friend Vanessa

Here is a close up of the shoes: 9-23-08 shoes


Bar-b said...

ok, you are too funny and like I have said befroe, I am thrilled that you are blogging and I can *see you amidst your antics. The black shoes at the end are incredible. I love them. I also like the look that you had with yoru college white cardigan. Love the way you look in that. I too love the banana trouser cut jeans. You are so stylish and fun. It is truly your personlaity that carried your outfits though. You rock.

Anonymous said...

I like this dress - but I have quite a few "maternity" dresses as my friends call them, so am probably not the best person to ask. You should def show off your legs often though - you've got ace pins!