Sunday, September 14, 2008

What would the internet be without boob pictures?

I won't bother you with outfit pictures for the weekend. I wouldn't want to scare you off so soon. Since it was raining all weekend, I just stayed in pyjamas all weekend anyway. Nothing even glamorous...tee shirts and PJ pants. I'm uber-sexy like that.

I know, you're wondering why I'm teasing you about boob pictures and want me to shut up about pyjamas. Well, you should know that I have a 2 year old son. I'll call him G since that's what he calls himself anyway. Normally, he is so adorable that I'd worry you'd be some internet wackadoo who'd stalk us and steal my baby. However, you may want to think twice after I share the little story that happened this weekend.

I was wrestling around with him on Saturday because he loves it. We were having a great time. He was laughing. I was laughing. I don't know what happened. All of a sudden, I had this piercing pain in my left breast. Oh my. It hurt like hell. That little fucker bit me, and it broke the skin! I couldn't believe it. He used to bite when he was getting his teeth, but we have been past that stage for over a year now. This was completely out of the blue. I yelled at him while fighting off tears. I don't know about you, but I don't enjoy getting bitten on the boob. I put him in time out because he refused to apologize. Even after the time out, he wouldn't apologize. I put him down for his nap and may have dozed a bit on the couch myself. Finally, after his nap, he decided to apologize. I don't know what happened to him when he bit me, but good grief, I hope it doesn't happen again.

So there you can see the evidence of the torture that is motherhood. Oh, maybe this does count as an outfit shot. Do you like my Grinch tee shirt?

Here's the little biter now. This is his "mean" face.Be on the lookout for this one. His teeth are sharp!

Besides being maimed by my own child, I cooked! I made 2 recipes from the year of crockpotting blog this weekend. I made her crockpot bacon & cheese chicken recipe and A-1 and Dijon steak recipe. The bacon and cheese chicken recipe was edible but not something I'll probably make again. The A-1 steak recipe was super easy and very tasty. I'm sure that it will become a staple in our menu in time. I served the steak and sauce over rice. I almost can't wait for lunch tomorrow when I can enjoy the leftovers.


Domestic Goddess..Diva sometimes said...

What's with these kids? They either hit you on the face with a ball or bite your boob off! lol ;P He's still cute and adorable. If it makes you feel any better, I once told C to bite my butt jokinly. The little monster did! Ow! They sure have sharp teeth at this age! Make sure he has gotten all his shots or you can get the G-irus. Get it? Yeah, lame. Sorry.

THE D said...


Bad Grady! Bad! I'm glad he apologized to you. :)